How To Save Time Bookkeeping

Five Quick Tips To Save Time Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping can be time consuming for business owners. Here are five easy ways to save time bookkeeping.

1. Never record sales in a word processor. Though word processors may provide more options for invoice templates it creates a double up of work. If you are using accounting software it is definitely worth the time to setup an invoice template to record your sales. It saves you time because each time you create an invoice in the accounting software you record your sale as well. You may not be able to get the exact colour or layout of the invoice that you prefer but the time saved is definitely worth the trade off.

2. Integrate your point-of-sale system with your accounting software. This is a huge time saver for retail businesses. Each time your process a sale through your point-of-sale system it does the necessary entries into your accounting software. No need to enter in daily sales totals or movements of inventory. Accounting software like Xero is perfect for this as it has loads of add-ons including point-of-sale software.

3. Don’t use old school docket https://onhealthy.net/product-category/antifungals/ books. Handwritten invoices are out of date. Not only do they create double the work for processing sales, they just aren’t cool. If you need write out invoices on the go and you own a smart phone, why not use an invoicing app. These integrate with your accounting software. You simply draft your invoice and email it to your client. The invoice is automatically recorded in your accounting software as sale.

Save time bookkeeping

4. Make payments in batches. Set aside time each week for weekly bills or once a month for monthly accounts. Avoid paying bills one by one, as it is very time consuming. Instead create a batch payment file for your accounts payable. Simply upload it to your online banking and your bank will pay all your bills at once.

5. Use bank feeds. Some accounting software let you use bank feeds. These automatically upload your bank statements into your accounting software. This feature significantly speeds up bank reconciliations. No need to enter the bank statement data into your accounting software anymore.

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