We are group of local dedicated bookkeepers. We chose to start a small business bookkeeping business as we are passionate about helping small businesses grow.

When we first joined the bookkeeping industry, we noticed that good bookkeepers were few and far between. The majority of our clients were moving from bookkeepers they hadn’t heard from in months or who had missed key lodgements for their business. There was clearly a disconnect between the clients’ expectations and the level of service from the previous bookkeeper.

After seeing this pattern for a couple of months, we realised that providing great small business bookkeeping services was more then just managing books. Instead, it is about providing clients with great customer service and regular communication. We set out to create a small business bookkeeping business that provides quality bookkeeping with excellent service. We hand-picked the best people and software to help me deliver the level of service small business owners expect from their bookkeeper.

At Galaxi Bookkeeping we are real people providing unreal service. Complete the form below and a member of our friendly team will contact you to learn more about your bookkeeping needs.

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