Every Galaxi bookkeeping client gets the benefit of our tried and tested small business bookkeeping processes. After years of experience we know what works best for small businesses and how to prepare your books the most efficient way possible. You’ll find working with our dedicated team of small business bookkeeping specialists surprisingly easy and confidence inspiring.

Quality Small Business Bookkeeping Every Time

Our small business bookkeeping process is methodical and thorough; it needs to be. All of our bookkeepers use the same process to get your books in order and keep them that way. Our goal is to provide every client with consistently high quality small business bookkeeping services.

We use over 20 checks and balances every time we prepare your books. It’s not done occasionally, some of the time, or most of the time; it’s done every time, without exception.

Small Business Bookkeeping Process Overview

We believe transparency and great communication are essential to providing you with the best small business bookkeeping service possible. That’s why we’re happy to provide you with an overview of how we actually work:

  1. Enter all supplier invoices (receipt bank, data entry).
  2. Merge any duplicate suppliers.
    1. Setup new suppliers with expense accounts, due dates & auto-sync.
    2. Ensure all records are without errors and ready for export
  3. Reconcile supplier statements.
    1. Request missing invoices.
    2. Void any duplicates or errors.
    3. Ensure that the totals of all invoices match the supplier statement.
  4. Reconcile Bank Rules using Xero cash coding function.
  5. Reconcile wages wage’s payable account.
  6. Reconcile interbank transactions.
  7. Reconcile payments to/from suppliers/customers.
    1. Check with client if transactions are not 100% clear.
    2. Check for missing invoices and request from client if found.
  8. Check there are no unreconciled transactions in each bank feed.
  9. Review Accounts Payable Report.
    1. Check for duplicate supplier records and merge if found
    2. Check for suppliers that the client doesn’t have an account with
  10. Summary single email to client.
    1. Provide a list of unreconciled transactions that require additional information to be processed.
    2. Provide a list of invoices that need to be sent to Receipt Bank.
    3. Advise client if any of the staff were paid incorrectly.

Better Small Business Bookkeeping Through Better Communication

We’ll be in contact regularly so you always know what know we’re doing for you. You’ll get your own dedicated and local small business bookkeeper who you can contact directly if you ever have any questions.

Take advantage of our complimentary on-site small business bookkeeping consultation today to see just how easy and affordable Galaxi Bookkeeping services are. Click here to get in touch.