Manage Your Jobs With WorkflowMax

WorkflowMax is job, time and invoice management software. It is designed to remove the frustration from job management. WorkflowMax covers all aspects of a job, from lead management to quoting, time sheeting to invoicing and everything in between. If your business is job focused than WorkflowMax is perfect for you.

Timesheets In WorkflowMax

Timesheets in WorkflowMax are very flexible. They can be completed by individual staff using computers, tablets or smartphones. Use the stopwatch feature for exact minutes or update them daily or weekly. Timesheet hours are billed against jobs to see how many hours have been spent on each job and by whom. Save time by exporting your weekly payroll to leading payroll software such as Xero.

Job Tracking In WorkflowMax

WorkflowMax helps you track each of your jobs with ease. Know how you are tracking against deadlines or job estimate. Track your expect profit on each job. Know exactly who has been working on each job and for how long. Access all this information about your jobs in once central place.

Project Management With WorkflowMax

Set overall objectives and deadlines for projects. Break projects into tasks and allocate time and resources for each task. Notifications alert you to upcoming due dates and impending breaches in estimated times. Manage your jobs easily on the run using your smartphone or tablet.

Invoicing With WorkflowMax

Save time invoicing using WorkflowMax. No need to use a calculator, WorkflowMax will automate invoice calculation with a single click. Bill on staff rates or task rates. Brand your invoice template giving your own look and feel. Write off individual timesheets. Easily mark up materials used. Invoice multiple jobs on the same bill. Invoices can be easily integrated with Xero and other accounting systems.

Manage your jobs with WorkflowMax

For more information about WorkflowMax features, integration with Xero and account setup please do not hesitate to contact us.

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