The Importance of Cash Flow

cash flow importance

If you own a business or are in the process of launching a startup, the idea of making a profit is an enticing one – but is it enough to sustain your business over a long period of time? In a word, no.

Sure, profit is something all businesses strive to have and it’s a crucial aspect of any startup, but there’s something many experts would venture to say is even more important to have: cash. Have you ever heard the term cash is king? Well, having money in the bank is one of the best signs of a thriving business – it’s vital that you know the difference between profit and cash if you want to ensure a successful launch of a startup or longevity in your business.

Profit comes in various forms through sales, but that form of money is often tied up with other aspects of the business such as assets, liabilities or even outgoing payments. So is that money truly cash? Not really. Cash in the bank gives you the freedom and peace of mind to grow your business; after all, a profitable business still has the potential to go broke when money is tied up.

Monitor cash flow and make any necessary adjustments as soon as possible in order to begin creating a cushion should you need one – you can easily do this by learning where the money comes and goes in your business. Things to look at include fixed or variable costs, startup or first-time expenses – once you have this you could determine how much you’ll have left over to put away as actual cash in the bank.

Having cash flow means that when your credit is tied up or you have unforeseen expenses, you don’t have to worry as much about closing the doors to your hard-earned business. Managing your money and cutting expenses is one way to start saving that cash for when you need it most!

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