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Xero Quotes

Sales quotes are often one of the most valuable parts of doing business – quotes potentially increase sales, which in turn drives up the revenue and builds a relationship between your business and new or existing customers. One of the leading accounting software tools, Xero, has introduced a new feature that will streamline the sales quote process and keep your business competitive and moving forward! Xero Quotes makes it easier than ever to manage quotes from start to finish.

Xero Quotes

Once inside the user-friendly dashboard, Xero Quotes allows businesses to create a quote and respond to it from anywhere and anytime, thanks to cloud capabilities. Another advantage of using Quotes is they can also be turned into invoices, eliminating additional steps between quoting, completing the project and invoicing.

Xero Quotes are saved in the dashboard for future reference, making it simple to browse through a summary of quotes, such as those in draft, sent, accepted by a client and expired. Do you have a hard time keeping track of correspondence between you and a client? Xero Quotes makes it easier for businesses to track quotes that have been sent to clients, but still need to be accepted. This feature means there’s one less thing for you to manage when you’re busy keeping the business moving forward.

Customize your Xero Quotes

Many businesses love the customization provided through Xero — and for good reason. Just like many other features of Xero, Quotes has the ability to be tailored to any business’ specific need. Use branded themes or email templates to give your quotes a unique, professional appearance. While this new feature is sure to make business much easier to manage, Xero is hard at work creating even more benefits to Quotes, including:

  • Customer viewing/accepting quotes
  • Copy quotes to purchase orders/bills

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