Essential Startup Tips for Your Business

Essential Startup Tips for Your Business

You’ve heard the saying “time is money” and for a new business owner this couldn’t be a truer phrase.

While there are always trial and error situations in starting any business, it’s pretty helpful when those who’ve been through the experience before provide a good amount of insight into what works…and what doesn’t. Why waste precious time and resources when you could start out on the right foot? Sure, there are always things that come up that you need to manage, but here are some of the essential startup tips for your business you’re going to want to implement:

  • Time management – When you try to go in and accomplish many things at once you’re left frazzled and stressed, not to mention things still don’t get done. Instead of trying to handle tasks as they come, implement a process that allows you to stay on schedule throughout the day. Use productivity tools found on tablets or smartphones to stay focused or set up blocks of time to accomplish certain tasks.
  • Implement cloud services – As a new business owner, you want to have access to your business at all times. Through cloud software, this is possible and easy for the entire team to use. Use online accounting software to organise and track invoices or receipts – this will make things so much easier when you need to collect debts or work with your accountant. Also, don’t try to skimp on paying for licensed software – in the end, that little amount of savings isn’t worth the headache or possible legal action taken against you!
  • Think ahead – Just because your team is small (or just yourself) doesn’t mean there’s no potential for growth. Implementing a procedures manual at the start allows you to stay focused and gives your potential team a road map – waiting until there are multiple employees before creating a procedures manual is just leaving you open for stress and confusion.

Overall, one of the most important tips is to take advantage of technology and software when you can – it saves time, money and your sanity!

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Benefits of Using Online Accounting

using online accounting

New technology is around us all the time – from doing banking on a smartphone to checking email on a watch, but have you ever thought to integrate new technology into your business? Taking that leap from the traditional way of doing things can be a little scary at first, but in the long run it’s often easier and more helpful for managing a business efficiently. There are plenty of benefits of using online accounting, let’s take a look at some of them now:

  • Increased security – Think about all that paper floating around the office – private information and data that someone can access if it falls into the wrong hands. Suppose there’s a natural disaster or a break-in at the business? That information isn’t safe and there’s no way to get it back once the files are damaged. Using online accounting means you can access those important files anytime, anywhere.
  • Savings is increased – Imagine if you didn’t https://zolpidemsleep.com/ambien-faq/ have to buy massive amounts of paper, printer ink or deal with storage costs when it comes to holding onto files. Saves a tidy bundle, right? Online accounting software if very affordable and streamlines the entire process for you. What could you possibly do with that savings and extra office space?
  • Very convenient – When you’re running a business, the last thing you want to do is spend time looking for invoices or receipts when the accountant needs them. Using a cloud-based online accounting program like Xero means your accountant can access the files he or she needs at any time – allowing both of you to do your job efficiently.

Cloud-based accounting software offers so many benefits and really makes owning a business a little less stressful. Software options such as Xero imports bank information directly, making it even more accurate and easy to use!

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Get Your Business Ready for Tax Time

Tax time.

Just the phrase alone is enough to make business owners cringe – but with some simple preparation and organisation of your records and documents throughout the year, tax time doesn’t have to be so stressful.

tax time

Whether you’re doing your bookkeeping by yourself or you have hired an experienced bookkeeper to monitor your accounts, there are a few things you can do to make tax time a little bit easier to manage.

Keep thorough records throughout the year – Don’t make the mistake of throwing receipts, invoices or any other business-related documents out throughout the year. You might need them come tax time! If you don’t, better to be prepared rather than stressing out once tax time rolls around. Not sure what to keep and what you can toss? Ask your bookkeeper for some tips (or just play it safe and keep it).

Know when to call in the professionalsDid you start a business this year or has your business grown? Sometimes it’s best to just let the professionals take over – bookkeepers are a valuable asset for any business as they manage your finances and keep you on track (and organised) throughout the year. That in itself is worth every penny to a busy business owner.

Don’t wait until the last minute – You know when tax time is every year, so don’t wait until the last minute to start preparing. Throughout the year, your bookkeeper can offer tips and suggestions that will make tax time less stressful, not to mention half the work will be done when tax time approaches if you keep your documents, invoices and receipts organised all year long.

Peace of mind – Cut down on clutter around the office and make it easier to communicate with your bookkeeper by implementing cloud-based accounting software into your daily routine. Through cloud-based software, your bookkeeper will have direct access to your accounting program from a remote area, making it easier for both of you to do your job as it grows.

For many, tax time is stressful, but it doesn’t always have to be dreadful. Stay up to date and organised with your files and look to a professional bookkeeper to help you stay focused and prepared at all time!

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Essential Bookkeeping Tips for Small Business

bookkeeping tips for small business

Bookkeeping in any business is important – but even more so for a small business. Startups and small businesses rely on thorough record keeping early on to ensure there’s enough money to pay staff and provide the necessary inventory to get cash flow moving.  Another important factor of learning good bookkeeping at the start? Those habits will continue with you and create a firm foundation to build the rest of the business. Here are essential bookkeeping tips for small business – implement them from the start to increase your chance for success:

  • Just as you would devote a dedicated amount of time to scheduling your business meetings, you need to set aside time every week to go over your books. This helps you stay on top of your cash flow and ensure you’re getting invoices paid on time.
  • Always separate your personal bank account from your business one. When a business is just starting out, it’s easy to just use your own money to fund the business – but as it grows, it’s that much harder to separate things later. From the start, open a business bank account to manage earnings and expenses.
  • Not every business owner is comfortable or capable of learning everything there is to know about accounting – tax laws, employee deductions, etc. Startup life is stressful enough, don’t add finances to the mix. Look for accounting software that fits your business needs – cloud software is best because it allows you to manage your finances on any device, anywhere. Accounting software is easy to use, but you can always look for a bookkeeping business to do the work for you.
  • Get in the habit of saving receipts and records related to your business – the Australian Taxation Office requires you to keep at least five years of records. Since that’s a lot of paper and information, streamline your filing system by uploading your documents to a digital file on an external hard drive.

These essential bookkeeping tips for small business or startups will help you start out on the right track. Still don’t want to bother with the work yourself? Hire a bookkeeper to maintain your books so you can focus on the important things – running your business!

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Need Help Managing Cash Flow?

Just starting out with your business? There’s one thing you need to know now to increase your chance of survival over time: managing cash http://ambienbuy.net/ambien-action-indications/ flow.

managing cash flow

Cash – and the availability of it – is crucial to any business, but even more so when you’re lifting off and getting the wheels turning. You need to have access to a steady flow of money to have purchasing power or to give yourself some room in the event of an unforeseen situation – things come up all the time when starting a business and you want to be prepared. Here are some essential tips for starting a business off on the right foot and properly managing cash flow:

  • Keep track of records – The only way to make accurate business decisions is to know exactly where you stand financially. Using cloud-based accounting software means you have access to your records anytime, anywhere. Track invoices, payroll and all other financial aspects consistently to ensure you’re managing cash flow correctly.
  • Budget – Budgeting isn’t just something you do with your personal money, it’s very important to do for any business starting out. While you have a desire to purchase anything and everything you think you’ll need, it’s a dangerous way to run out of money early on — keep track of spending and only spend what you need.
  • Make sure you get paid – Managing cash flow means getting paid on time through invoices from clients. Collect outstanding debt quickly and use accounting software to help create, track and close invoices efficiently.

Always monitor expenses and profits as you go – tracking it will help you see patterns or changes with cash flow so you can make adjustments. Managing cash flow is about knowing where you stand with your money and making changes proactively so you don’t end up sinking those first few years of running a business.

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Increase Your Business with Sales Quotes

Increase Your Business with Sales Quotes

Did you know that one of the best (and most efficient) ways to increase the amount of business you do is to provide sales quotes? Sales quotes – also referred to as price quotes – often mean the difference between landing a contract and not. Many small businesses make the mistake of not preparing or sending sales quotes quick enough, and in the world of business, timing is everything!

Increasing cash flow and getting invoices paid are two of the most common areas of difficulty for small businesses. Staying on track with clients from the start – such as with the sales quote – is a good way to increase your business and get paid when the job is done. Here are a few ways to increase your business with sales quotes:

  • Send out a detailed sales quote – In many instances, a sales quote is the first impression potential clients have of your business. Clients want to do business with companies who provide clear and concise quotes, as well as detailed terms and conditions, prices and services they will be receiving.
  • Don’t wait too long to respond – Sure, while you don’t want to be hasty and send out a poorly thought out quote, you also don’t want to make the potential client wait too long – they’ll probably move on to the next business. Use a cloud software that provides sales quotes capabilities to easily manage and create sales quotes no matter where you are.
  • Follow up – After two or three days, follow up with the client if you have not heard a response. Communicating with a prospect increases the chance of a sales quote being accepted before things cool off after the initial meeting.

Use cloud-based software to your advantage! Software programs, such as Xero, are designed to make a positive impact on your business by organising your data and providing you access to your spreadsheets and sales quotes from start to finish. Increase your business with sales quotes and see what a difference it makes!

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Bookkeeping Tips for Non-Profits

Bookkeeping Tips for Non-Profits

Whether you’re a small business owner or the leader of a non-profit, your bookkeeping goals are important no matter where you work. Non-profits have a unique challenge of needing to be diligent with spending and need to keep focus on providing an adequate amount of funding to a cause! In many respects, non-profits run just like businesses, so it makes perfect sense that non-profits would use the same effective record-keeping software and tools. Since you want to ensure you make the best financial decisions, here are some bookkeeping tips for non-profits you can easily implement into any process:

Start with Bookkeeping – This first step is also one of the most important. In order to understand how to track your business expenses and monitor money or donations, you need to create a system for bookkeeping. Unlike a traditional business, non-profits are generally run on donations or private funding, in addition to using volunteers to run a good portion of the non-profit. Cloud-based bookkeeping software makes tracking cash donations, invoices and cheques easy to monitor no matter where you are.

Prepare for the Annual Audit – Every year, it’s the same stressful story, looking for last minute documents, receipts and financial statements. Using cloud-based bookkeeping software means you can quickly and simply upload images of any documents into the software for future reference. This makes it easy for you to go back and look at invoices or receipts throughout the year and makes the annual audit relatively stress-free. All you need to do is provide an auditor log-in access on read-only files and it’s more efficient for everyone.

Streamline the Process – Through non-profits, volunteers come and go on a frequent basis. Creating a streamlined bookkeeping process makes it easy for people to learn as soon as they come in and keeps the machine well-oiled and running smoothly. Create a guide for new volunteers to follow and be sure to review documents twice a year to ensure the bookkeeping is clear and concise.

These bookkeeping tips for non-profits are crucial in making sure the finances are in order at all times. Staying organised and simplifying the process are just two important components in the success of any non-profit.

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Enhance Your Business with Xero Quotes

Xero Quotes

Sales quotes are often one of the most valuable parts of doing business – quotes potentially increase sales, which in turn drives up the revenue and builds a relationship between your business and new or existing customers. One of the leading accounting software tools, Xero, has introduced a new feature that will streamline the sales quote process and keep your business competitive and moving forward! Xero Quotes makes it easier than ever to manage quotes from start to finish.

Xero Quotes

Once inside the user-friendly dashboard, Xero Quotes allows businesses to create a quote and respond to it from anywhere and anytime, thanks to cloud capabilities. Another advantage of using Quotes is they can also be turned into invoices, eliminating additional steps between quoting, completing the project and invoicing.

Xero Quotes are saved in the dashboard for future reference, making it simple to browse through a summary of quotes, such as those in draft, sent, accepted by a client and expired. Do you have a hard time keeping track of correspondence between you and a client? Xero Quotes makes it easier for businesses to track quotes that have been sent to clients, but still need to be accepted. This feature means there’s one less thing for you to manage when you’re busy keeping the business moving forward.

Customize your Xero Quotes

Many businesses love the customization provided through Xero — and for good reason. Just like many other features of Xero, Quotes has the ability to be tailored to any business’ specific need. Use branded themes or email templates to give your quotes a unique, professional appearance. While this new feature is sure to make business much easier to manage, Xero is hard at work creating even more benefits to Quotes, including:

  • Customer viewing/accepting quotes
  • Copy quotes to purchase orders/bills

Learn more about Xero Quotes here:

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Budgeting with Xero

Budgeting with Xero

In any situation dealing with finances, budgeting is very important. It keeps spending in control and helps business owners allot a certain amount of money for necessities and expanding the business through hiring, services or supplies. Budgeting with Xero – or any number of accounting software programs – will help you stay on track and organized when it comes to your sales, spending and profits.

Budgets don’t have to be overly complicated, either. They can be as simple as you need them to be – such as managing income, cost of sales or goods and gross profit. Xero is a powerful tool when it comes to budgeting and can provide business owners with various tools and reports that keep the entire team aware of financial standing. Xero, for example, makes budgeting even easier. Business owners can choose to input financial information into Xero directly or choose to export Xero reports onto an alternative template, such as through Google Docs or Excel. This http://findviagra.com/generic-viagra-advantages/ versatility allows business owners to create and manage budgets on any platform that makes them feel most comfortable.

There are also advanced settings to utilize when budgeting with Xero. Options allow you to create a range of budget scenarios so you can see how your budget is affected should you decide to be a bit tighter with spending or want to see where your budget will be in an optimistic setting. Creating different style budgets will help you see business performances easier and allow you to make adjustments accordingly.

A business can’t survive without some type of budget in place – whether you do it the old fashioned way on a piece of paper or look toward a quality accounting software program like Xero. Budgeting with Xero brings all the information to your fingertips so you can see exactly where your money is going!

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Tips for Using Xero

Tips for Using Xero

Small and medium-sized businesses always need to keep track of invoicing and expenses, but doing it the old fashioned way is often time consuming and leaves room for error. Xero’s cloud-based accounting software makes bookkeeping and bank reconciliation easy to manage; however, there are a few tips for using Xero that are always recommended to create an ideal experience.

Xero offers such features as:

  • Simple, professional invoicing
  • Purchase order creation
  • Versatility across smartphones and tablets
  • Unlimited user access

Here are some crucial tips for using Xero that you will want to do before getting started, such as:

  • Clean up your files – Before setting up Xero and getting started, be sure to clean out any old accounts or invoices from your old accounting system. Check contact information to ensure everything is current – removing outdated information and data will make the user experience with Xero that much better.
  • Determine a start date – While many accountants recommend starting on July 1st, it’s not always possible to wait or reconcile statements if you have many invoices to deal with each month. If beginning with the Xero account at the beginning of the financial year is not plausible, it’s acceptable to begin at the start of the BAS period – examine your financial situation and choose the best time for your business.
  • Review new codes or laws – Since you’re using cloud-based software such as Xero to make things a bit easier throughout the year – and tax time – you want to make sure you review GST codes on your accounts before getting started. This will cut down on the stress during BAS time, which is something you want!

Xero is designed to make life a bit easier when it comes to managing the finances and books for a small or medium-sized business. Implement these tips for using Xero into your routine so you have a great initial experience with the program. Need additional help setting up? Galaxi Bookkeeping can ensure a stress-free transition into the new program.

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